Sunday, April 20, 2008


Welcome to everyone who wants to check out my blog... Here you will find a diverse assortment of amazing, groovy, sweet, cool, and awesome posts.

I have so many interests that my posts may seem like a grab bag, until you get to know me better. What you will see on this blog will be a blend of everything that I deem worth sharing.
Could be... school papers (bored? Hold on!) movies, music, pictures, and more! Catholic culture will be a big part of most of my posts. Expect to see pictures of Sacred Art that will blow your mind. Oh, did I mention European Basilicas, and Eastern Icons?
Why the odd title? This is pretty much an anti-pop culture blog, because it's covering material that mostly is out of the mainstream. I figure that rather than dumb my blog down, I'll show my readers things that they can appreciate. No matter what your background is, I'm betting you'll enjoy my blog. Relax. You are now free to experience my Home for Imaginary Pop Culture References.

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B. Hamilton said...

Yeah man, why is this "imaginary?" Oh yeah FIRST!